The Power Playlist

Caelan Huntress

The right playlist in the morning can serve as the soundtrack for your life.

Exercise. Meditate. Journal. Invigorate.

Whatever you decide you want to do every morning, you can choreograph and automate it all with the Power Playlist.

This short video tutorial will guide you through everything you need to put your ideal morning on autopilot. I will provide the worksheets and exercises you can use to construct the morning routine that makes your best day, and show you how to set up a playlist that helps you do all the right things, at the right time.

After creating your own Power Playlist, you can have the morning of your life - every day.

I want this!

Set aside one hour to work with this material. Course components: 4 worksheets and 20 minute video training course.

Power Playlist Workbook and Video Training Course
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